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Here I went to the trouble of starting it up, and haven't done much with it.  I suppose part of it is getting into the frenzy that is the last four months of the year.  In other words, the months of Nearly Christmas, Almost Christmas With Spooky Bits At the End, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.  I'm trying to handmake a lot of gifts this year, and even though I started early I'm already behind.  Microwaveable bedwarmers (with feed corn kernels as the filling) for my sister in law and mom;  a knitting needle case with horse-print fabric for my niece; polarfleece throws for two of my brothers (the other one's getting a book, he got his throw last year); a wallhanging for a friend (got that one done \o/ yay me); and some other stuff.  At least I feel like I have something to give people this year, even if it's something simple. 

I decided to do some swaps for Christmas - on on LJ with ontd_startrek, and one here on DW with the knitting group.  I've never done this kind of thing before, but thought it might be fun, especially to get a package in the mail.  Or two!  Hope my swap-ees like what I send. 

"Riverdance" is on PBS in the living room, and I'm listening to the music.  That Celtic style of music is so haunting and beautiful, and it's like it rings some kind of ancestral bells in my head.  I recently ordered a 3 CD set of Celtic music, some old hymns done in that style, some folk songs, and such, to play while I'm working in the studio.  Another package to get in the mail.  I'm easily entertained. :)
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