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 Whoa, I looked at my last journal entry while checking a teeny little community I've watched here and it's been nearly six freakin' years since the lsat entry.  Who knew. Obviously Dreamwidth has not been a priority for me.  Sadly, it probably won't be ever, as even though people have been bailing out of Live Journal like rats off a sinking ship and saying they're coming here....they apparently are not.  This place is about as dead as LJ.  

It was fannish interests that brought me to LJ, including a Star Trek comm, a Doctor Who comm, and some crafty groups on there.  All of them are DOA, and where the people involved have gone is beyond me.  All I can figure is fandom things have changed, and have moved to places like Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Places where you can't have any meaningful dialogue with anyone as we rush headlong to being a functionally illiterate society.  

And, ah me, I have to admit I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for it all.  Years are passing, other interests and events are demanding my time.  Life goes on and things change.  

I've been keeping up with Capaldi's last season on Doctor Who and finding it to be just okay, nothing terribly bad, nothing terribly exciting either. The only thing that's been bugging me, and if anyone was actually reading this I'd get a ton of crap for it, is the weekly reminder that Bill is gay.  "Hey everybody, Bill's a lesbian! We may have mentioned that several times but in case you forgot, we'll bring it up again!"  Not much of any other character development, no new information about who her Mom is and what happened to her, nothing but hitting us over the head that she likes girls.  Who really cares? It's like that weird thing they did with Clara where they had weekly reminders that she lied and had control issues.  Anyway, I understand the ratings for last week's episode were the lowest ever in the history of the show.   Looks like they'd better be getting in a new "boyfriend Doctor" a la Tennant or Smith next  if they want the show to continue. 

As for me I'll hang around till the Christmas special I suppose, see who Twelve regenerates into and then call it a day, shut down this journal just like I shut down the Live Journal one, bid fandom a fond farewell, and go about the business of real life.  Being all adulty and such.  It's about time. 
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