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Um...not great, apparently. I did watch Nate Burkus's new design show, or at least part of it, this morning; I could not escape the Muzak in the stores I went to; I turned on the car radio on the way home but NPR and the local talk radio thing were so boring I feared falling asleep and running off the road. And here I am on the computer again. I am ADDICTED! At least I don't have the TV on at the same time, so perhaps that's progress of some kind.

I did, however, get my $21.50 from Hancock's Fabrics where they overcharged me for sale items.  They said it was due to "computer problems".  Uh-huh. The woman in line ahead of me was there for the same "computer problems" and she wasn't taking it as well as I was.  Being the good southern belle people pleaser that I am though, I told her it was okay when she apologized, but wondered how many people didn't/couldn't come back to get their refunds, and if it mattered to them that their computer problems costed me the price of nearly a tank of gas.  And if it matters to them that I, and the disgruntled woman in line ahead of me, are less likely to come there in the future. 

At Michael's I got a Strathmore sketchbook which I thought was on sale for 50% off, some paint and some charms on clearance that spell out "live" (idk either), and thought the amount seemed high. Looked at the receipt in the car, found I was charged full price. Went back in, saleswoman told me it was only Strathmore 400 series. Went back to the car and got the sketch pad to show saleslady it WAS the 400 series. Saleslady looked at the ad and in miniscule, almost illegible print it said "green and yellow Strathmore pads not included". Went back to the back to find one that was on sale. They were out. Saleslady gave me my money back before my people pleasing southern belle head exploded.

I mean, I know times are hard, especially here in the poverty zone of the US, but c'mon, stores.  Don't offer sales and then mess people out of them because of "computer problems".  Don't offer something on sale and then put restrictions in such tiny print a normal person isn't going to see them.  It ticks your customers off, it ultimately reduces the amount of business you get because you've ruined your reputation, and damn it, if it isn't borderline illegal it's at the very least unethical. 
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