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 Whoa, I looked at my last journal entry while checking a teeny little community I've watched here and it's been nearly six freakin' years since the lsat entry.  Who knew. Obviously Dreamwidth has not been a priority for me.  Sadly, it probably won't be ever, as even though people have been bailing out of Live Journal like rats off a sinking ship and saying they're coming here....they apparently are not.  This place is about as dead as LJ.  

It was fannish interests that brought me to LJ, including a Star Trek comm, a Doctor Who comm, and some crafty groups on there.  All of them are DOA, and where the people involved have gone is beyond me.  All I can figure is fandom things have changed, and have moved to places like Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Places where you can't have any meaningful dialogue with anyone as we rush headlong to being a functionally illiterate society.  

And, ah me, I have to admit I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for it all.  Years are passing, other interests and events are demanding my time.  Life goes on and things change.  

I've been keeping up with Capaldi's last season on Doctor Who and finding it to be just okay, nothing terribly bad, nothing terribly exciting either. The only thing that's been bugging me, and if anyone was actually reading this I'd get a ton of crap for it, is the weekly reminder that Bill is gay.  "Hey everybody, Bill's a lesbian! We may have mentioned that several times but in case you forgot, we'll bring it up again!"  Not much of any other character development, no new information about who her Mom is and what happened to her, nothing but hitting us over the head that she likes girls.  Who really cares? It's like that weird thing they did with Clara where they had weekly reminders that she lied and had control issues.  Anyway, I understand the ratings for last week's episode were the lowest ever in the history of the show.   Looks like they'd better be getting in a new "boyfriend Doctor" a la Tennant or Smith next  if they want the show to continue. 

As for me I'll hang around till the Christmas special I suppose, see who Twelve regenerates into and then call it a day, shut down this journal just like I shut down the Live Journal one, bid fandom a fond farewell, and go about the business of real life.  Being all adulty and such.  It's about time. 
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Whoa, eight months since a post here.  Gotta work on that...and probably will since LJ is going all fruity.  Perhaps I'm sticking my head in the sand or being an isolationist, but man, I just didn't sign up there to be a part of political intrigue on the other side of the world.  The Internet has always been my place to get away from reality, not have reality come up and bite me on the butt, and that's what all these DDoS attacks at LJ are doing.  If only Dreamwidth would perk up a bit.  Hopefully as people come here in droves as the elections near, it will. 

Boring entry.  Next time will hopefully be better.  And not eight months from now.  :)
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Here I went to the trouble of starting it up, and haven't done much with it.  I suppose part of it is getting into the frenzy that is the last four months of the year.  In other words, the months of Nearly Christmas, Almost Christmas With Spooky Bits At the End, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.  I'm trying to handmake a lot of gifts this year, and even though I started early I'm already behind.  Microwaveable bedwarmers (with feed corn kernels as the filling) for my sister in law and mom;  a knitting needle case with horse-print fabric for my niece; polarfleece throws for two of my brothers (the other one's getting a book, he got his throw last year); a wallhanging for a friend (got that one done \o/ yay me); and some other stuff.  At least I feel like I have something to give people this year, even if it's something simple. 

I decided to do some swaps for Christmas - on on LJ with ontd_startrek, and one here on DW with the knitting group.  I've never done this kind of thing before, but thought it might be fun, especially to get a package in the mail.  Or two!  Hope my swap-ees like what I send. 

"Riverdance" is on PBS in the living room, and I'm listening to the music.  That Celtic style of music is so haunting and beautiful, and it's like it rings some kind of ancestral bells in my head.  I recently ordered a 3 CD set of Celtic music, some old hymns done in that style, some folk songs, and such, to play while I'm working in the studio.  Another package to get in the mail.  I'm easily entertained. :)
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This journal's still here.  An update email from the DW people reminded me that I hadn't been here in awhile, plus I was tempted to come back in due to an advertised yarn swap on said email.  Yeah, I don't have enough yarn, I need more, MORE, I tell you.  Look for me on an upcoming episode of "Hoarders".  Just kidding...sort of. 

I keep wondering where all the weavers are on these communities.  There has to be somebody around that weaves.  I mean, my weaving guild has a membership of about 40 people and that's here in the back of beyond.  Maybe they're all too busy, um, actually weaving, unlike me.  Now there's an idea, actually weaving.  Hmmmm.  But weaving on the floor loom, the table loom, the triangle loom(s) or the inkle looms?  I think I see a problem...too many choices to slow me down. 

This probably gives an insight into why I don't post much.  Bo-ring! 
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Um...not great, apparently. I did watch Nate Burkus's new design show, or at least part of it, this morning; I could not escape the Muzak in the stores I went to; I turned on the car radio on the way home but NPR and the local talk radio thing were so boring I feared falling asleep and running off the road. And here I am on the computer again. I am ADDICTED! At least I don't have the TV on at the same time, so perhaps that's progress of some kind.

I did, however, get my $21.50 from Hancock's Fabrics where they overcharged me for sale items.  They said it was due to "computer problems".  Uh-huh. The woman in line ahead of me was there for the same "computer problems" and she wasn't taking it as well as I was.  Being the good southern belle people pleaser that I am though, I told her it was okay when she apologized, but wondered how many people didn't/couldn't come back to get their refunds, and if it mattered to them that their computer problems costed me the price of nearly a tank of gas.  And if it matters to them that I, and the disgruntled woman in line ahead of me, are less likely to come there in the future. 

At Michael's I got a Strathmore sketchbook which I thought was on sale for 50% off, some paint and some charms on clearance that spell out "live" (idk either), and thought the amount seemed high. Looked at the receipt in the car, found I was charged full price. Went back in, saleswoman told me it was only Strathmore 400 series. Went back to the car and got the sketch pad to show saleslady it WAS the 400 series. Saleslady looked at the ad and in miniscule, almost illegible print it said "green and yellow Strathmore pads not included". Went back to the back to find one that was on sale. They were out. Saleslady gave me my money back before my people pleasing southern belle head exploded.

I mean, I know times are hard, especially here in the poverty zone of the US, but c'mon, stores.  Don't offer sales and then mess people out of them because of "computer problems".  Don't offer something on sale and then put restrictions in such tiny print a normal person isn't going to see them.  It ticks your customers off, it ultimately reduces the amount of business you get because you've ruined your reputation, and damn it, if it isn't borderline illegal it's at the very least unethical. 
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Just a start to see what's up with this site. May take some tweaking and changes. Lots of rambling and such to follow!


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